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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Simple Math

I am doing the Prairie Sisters Show on Saturday  so I thought I would make a
bouquet of  windmills to pass out to my customers...

Hours later and burned and stabbed fingers this is what I
came up with...as usual the most simple project multiplied
by  60 equals lottsa time...I was never good at math!

rust + chippy paint = delight

from headboard to hanger...what a great life

 chippy paint + spoon carved wood = sigh....
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  1. So cute Anita! i wish I was going. My friend Phyllis is there, I will tell her to look you up..
    Good luck and have fun!!

  2. Hi, Oh what fun to do a show, I am going to do my first show with Sue and Kathy, the Fancy Flea in April, goodness it is more work than I thought!! I thought about doing something to hand out to customers...Hum I think you talked me out of it LOL! You have some amazing chippy pieces. Oh, do take pictures and let us know how you do!!



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