We are located at 100 Boon Road, Somers, Montana. Right across highway 93 from the Somers boat launch. Our set hours will be from 10 to 5, Thursday - Monday but if you see the OPEN sign out come on in or give me a call at 406-857-3194...If I'm at home friendly faces are always welcome. Come and sit on the porch and enjoy the view....

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

All I can see in these pictures are the dust bunnies!
But above the dust bunnies I have a pair of Danish mid-century (MODERN) dressers. I know you are feeling confused. I love all things chippy and painted but I couldn't resist. The drawers slide in and out like hot butter. My first thought was "how cute they could be painted" OF COURSE. I went online and found out that they have a huge following and have some value as is...I am not so sure Montana is ready for MODERN furniture but will give them a while before I put them on EBAY.

I found this platter at a church fundraiser. Thought it was pretty so I broke my buy local /buy handmade rule...well I did buy local and the proceeds went for a great cause.

Scarecrow Sue came by with a trunkful of goodies and I bought these vintage purses. The sweetest little redheaded girl came in and dug through them for her favorite and picked a rhinestone princess crown to go with it . She was delighted and I was charmed...She gave me her money and I gave her her change! Her mother was not impressed! She had given me a 50 and I gave change for a 20.....I was so taken by the little girl that I hadn't even looked at the bill! I really am going to have to try to pay attention......I hope the mom doesn't think I was trying to stiff an 8 year old!

The sun peeked out and it was another beautiful day at Vintiquities!Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chippy White Paint, ECT

This is the oldest toddler bed I have ever seen. Its difficult to see the white paint remnants in this picture but it is so sweet. It has a wire mesh bottom and I filled it with white twinky lights. You have to see this in person. It looks Victorian to me.

Chippy little table

chippy chair and stool.

Brass super uggo candle sticks all painted and pertyfied

This was a table I sanded to paint and as I uncovered these blue and yellow layers of paint I decided sombody might just love it "as is"

The Sun is shining so I've gotta go and get my Vitamin D on while I can!  I just read that the sun doesn't cause cancer...DUH..I knew it all along!  SUN*SUN*SUN* HERE I COME
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've fallen in love again...SWOON

                           Be it ever so humble there's no place like home!  These well loved pups are
                            in need of a new home after years of being handled by their previous owners.

                                    MY new love...yes it's a trunk....BUT

                              It is lined in the most wonderful blue linen

                         The sweetest case inside...and it comes out!

                                         &  DRAWERS

                               And on top of all that it's GIBRALTERIZED
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                       Come and see it for youself at Vintiquities  and fall in love all over again!

Monday, June 13, 2011

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I'm going to post pictures of some of the treasures you can find here...as soon as I find my camera port!...sigh

Sunday, June 12, 2011


We are open! YEA YIPPEE I found the name in the Urban Dictionary. (online of course) It says:

" Vintiquities
A word to describe a combination of vintage, retro, antiques, shabby chic, and junking styles.

-Old cast off things from past lives that show the wear of ages.

-Flea Market Junk

-Mixed Media Artworks that incorporate old found objects.

-reused, re-purposed, and altered from a vintage state.

-period clothing and jewelry refashioned for new use.
Vintiquities can be things with chippy paint, old millinery hats that smell of moth balls, things made pre-1960's, items that have a bit of rust, and things from the bottom of grandma's old trunk"

That about sums up what you will find here