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Friday, June 24, 2011

All I can see in these pictures are the dust bunnies!
But above the dust bunnies I have a pair of Danish mid-century (MODERN) dressers. I know you are feeling confused. I love all things chippy and painted but I couldn't resist. The drawers slide in and out like hot butter. My first thought was "how cute they could be painted" OF COURSE. I went online and found out that they have a huge following and have some value as is...I am not so sure Montana is ready for MODERN furniture but will give them a while before I put them on EBAY.

I found this platter at a church fundraiser. Thought it was pretty so I broke my buy local /buy handmade rule...well I did buy local and the proceeds went for a great cause.

Scarecrow Sue came by with a trunkful of goodies and I bought these vintage purses. The sweetest little redheaded girl came in and dug through them for her favorite and picked a rhinestone princess crown to go with it . She was delighted and I was charmed...She gave me her money and I gave her her change! Her mother was not impressed! She had given me a 50 and I gave change for a 20.....I was so taken by the little girl that I hadn't even looked at the bill! I really am going to have to try to pay attention......I hope the mom doesn't think I was trying to stiff an 8 year old!

The sun peeked out and it was another beautiful day at Vintiquities!Posted by Picasa


  1. Oh isn't that upsetting, I bet the mother will tell the story of the lady stiffing her kid forever!! Ouch, well it could happen to any of us! I bet you will find a buyer for that furniture, not our cup of tea, but it is someones!


  2. Hi Anita, I will be back her often for sure. And I bet you may find many who love those. It's funny how our tastes change. When I began my marriage we had really modern teak, Swedish furniture. I remember having Rya rugs, they were bright colorful shag rugs. (wish i still had them now) twenty years later we had really primitive look, now I like a combination...old painted, chippy pieces mixed with more fun, funky, contemporary, retro colorful stuff.

    If I ever get to Montana I will definitely stop by!!

    loved your comment on my blog...abiding...contentment...all part of the same...:)



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