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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chippy White Paint, ECT

This is the oldest toddler bed I have ever seen. Its difficult to see the white paint remnants in this picture but it is so sweet. It has a wire mesh bottom and I filled it with white twinky lights. You have to see this in person. It looks Victorian to me.

Chippy little table

chippy chair and stool.

Brass super uggo candle sticks all painted and pertyfied

This was a table I sanded to paint and as I uncovered these blue and yellow layers of paint I decided sombody might just love it "as is"

The Sun is shining so I've gotta go and get my Vitamin D on while I can!  I just read that the sun doesn't cause cancer...DUH..I knew it all along!  SUN*SUN*SUN* HERE I COME
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  1. Well, there is some treasures! Love the toddler bed and the table you left chippy too!


  2. Your comment made me laugh, I don't recognize me either, but in my mind I am about 36 -38 years old! LOL



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