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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bad Blogger Award...

I've been complaining about the quality of my new camera but as I look at these pictures I'm beginning to think that it may be the person behind the camera and not the camera at all....  Karen Sue from Sue Bees & Butterflies called me to wish me a Happy Birthday and told me I'm gonna get the bad blogger award if I don't start posting so...

I fretted over what to do for this large expanse after Christmas


So I looked at window treatments on Pinterest and saw a cutsie one made of  ribbons....


I don't do cutsie but I had a lightbulb moment and dashed out to my
workroom and started tearing  everything that was sort of tea
stained looking and looped it onto a piece of old corner molding..


Chippy drop leaf table


Big chunky work table...estate sale...$5

Painted drawer by Cora...I love her work

Denis built this for the shoppe  out of an old window
and some beadboard he tore out of a house in eastern
Montana.  I white washed it but am not happy with it so
will probably continue painting and grunging until I am happy.

This is a 1910-1928 lawn dress...Flapper style...Ilove cotton net lace!
details at the elbow...


  1. Yay!!!!! OK, I won't give you the bad blogger award. These photos are great! I love love love the window!! You just amaze me. And that old lawn dress....OMGoodness! I guess I would have to wear something under it...hehe.
    Hope your Birthday was nice. Keep up the good blogging!! xoxo~SueBee

  2. Suebee, you better not! These photos look great and I've heard a lot about you from my good friend, Suebee. That dress is amazing. Ann


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